Corporation details - Livonian Bearslayers [LV-GO]
Alliance: None CEO: Klicis89 LV
Kills: 197 HQ:
Losses: 5 Members: 12
ISK destroyed: 177.04B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.51B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 99.71% Website:
The Livonian Order was an autonomous Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order and a member of the Livonian Confederation in former territory of the Baltics.

The legendary Latvian hero Lacplesis was chosen by the gods to become a hero of his people.
His name means "Bear-slayer", because as a young man, living as the adopted son of the Lord of Lielvarde,

he kills a bear by ripping its jaws apart with his hands.

Our order combines these two elements into one, thus forging strong and proud group,
which seek to carve out a place in the universe of EVE, be it through diplomacy or conquest.

Open only to Latvian-speaking players.

Corporation PUB/Recruitment Channel
BEARS and Friends


You call us BEARS?
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October 2019
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Pilot Points
Pure KickAss 1. Pure KickAss 7215
Rex Egnald 2. Rex Egnald 2455
Zicelis Eriker 4. Zicelis Eriker 1597
Johans Qanon 5. Johans Qanon 545
Luzy Reha 6. Luzy Reha 455
Klicis89 LV 7. Klicis89 LV 352
Arnis Klasiskais 8. Arnis Klasiskais 340
Sadams 9. Sadams 78
Raimondo SPILS 10. Raimondo SPILS 75
Darkys 71 11. Darkys 71 71
BonyFace 12. BonyFace 39
Brikulis 13. Brikulis 33
Murgs Nakti 14. Murgs Nakti 8
PredatorLV 15. PredatorLV 6
Iga Angel 16. Iga Angel 4

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