Corporation details - Wounded Asteroid Management and Protection Squad [WAMPS]
Alliance: Dredd - The Purification Project CEO: that randomguy Uitoh
Kills: 395 HQ: Torrinos V - Moon 15 - Spacelane Patrol Logistic Support
Losses: 138 Members: 301
ISK destroyed: 447.18B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 3.54B Tax Rate: 7.5%
Efficiency: 99.21% Website:
New player friendly!

**We're recruiting like minded corporations as well! Contact
that randomguy Uitoh if you are interested!**

WAMPS is looking for pilots that are willing to learn, and be open to experiencing new things in Eve. We are looking for people that are willing to work as a team, and as friends.

Learning is our priority, not killboards. Failure is our best mentor; victory is our reminder to grow and expand; perseverance is our strongest weapon. We will make every accomodation we possibly can to facilitate our members goals and aspirations by giving them the tools and knowledge to become adept pilots.

Some of the things we have to offer are:

- Explosions
- Access to our C4 WH for money making, and PvP content
- A detailed training program (New pilot friendly)
- Daily PVP Ops / PvE Ops (Depending on the mood of the members)
- Free ships for PvP and PvE as long as you have the required skills
- Explosions
- Much much more

If you have any inquiries or requests, please contact
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