Corporation details - INTERPOL [NTRPL]
Alliance: None CEO: T imeLord
Kills: 100 HQ:
Losses: 12 Members: 5
ISK destroyed: 98.39B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 10.98B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 89.96% Website:
the only corp in eve that isnt gay
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Cap. Industrial
Pen Is Out
Black Rise, Kedama (0.3)
I: 67
Cap. Industrial
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Esoteria, D-FVI7 (0.0)
I: 86
Cap. Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Fountain, LBGI-2 (0.0)
I: 105
10 Most recent losses

No data.


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