Corporation details - Aggressive Feeding [FEEDR]
Alliance: None CEO: Mikari Tiron
Kills: 117 HQ:
Losses: 17 Members: 36
ISK destroyed: 24.25B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.45B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 94.36% Website: http://
In a world of blue doughnuts, risk aversion and greed, we’re on the hunt for the ever elusive content. Currently enlisted in the Amarr militia, we aim to capture strategic systems occupied by highly ranked Minmatar officials to shut down their ability to launch incursions into Amarr space and the income source of their agents of death.

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ivana heaps > 4 thrashers how the fuck can that be a problem?

Lys Garybaldy > Calling me out for being risk-averse is ludicrous, I constantly run around solo and welp shit and I already have to take that high and might attidude from the smug Aggr Feeding alliance, just because they refuse to use anything other than 5mil thrashers. Casper, tikk and all those idiots, who suddenly consider bling pods an offence, only because they finally decide to leave amamake after years of risk averse camping.

[21:59:03] agharaster > reality is that this fucking sieage with t1 thrashers and tikktok and friends is a total bullshit
[22:01:31] agharaster > you deserve a counterpart like winmatars, and that is to describe how this mechanic sucks
[17:49:27] Cadillac DuValle Godzilla > i go do something else until PL quits throwing their isk at everything to solve problems

Skilless idiot
From: Shadow Cyrilus
Sent: 2018.05.16 23:02
To: Raven's Claw,

Yeah it is easy for you to feel good about yourself and think that you are a good pilot when you just sit there and kill passing ships without any fight or real risk. And yes, like any decent human being I am unhappy about having to reship because some idiot alphad me on gate! So yes, in the name of all respectable players, please go fuck yourself!

Mission runners expressed similar frustration. “I didn’t join Faction Warfare to fight capsuleers!” one missioner said on condition of anonymity, “why can’t Aggressive Feeding just leave me alone to shoot rats? I’m here to rake in the ridiculous wealth available by subcontracting my mission activity and minimizing my travel and combat time to ensure maximum productivity, not risk losing a ship on gate or at my mission beacon. It’s not fair.”
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