Corporation details - CRUZADOS [CRUZA]
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation CEO: Juno Swanteisger
Kills: 62 HQ:
Losses: 28 Members: 516
ISK destroyed: 27.76B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 12.01B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 69.79% Website: http://
Bienvenido al hogar de los CRUZADOS.
Ven a jugar con nosotros y entra a formar parte de nuestra organizaciĆ³n, participa, diviĆ©rtete, conspira, mina, ratea, haz PVE o PVP.
Contacta con nosotros ingame
Juno Swanteisger, Cinetica, Goordok Armatres, en EU-TZ

Welcome to the home of the

Come play with us and become part of our organization, participate, have fun, conspire, mine, rate, make PVE or PVP.
Contact us
ghosttr, Kyle Khamez, Daddy Doge on the US-TZ

Diplomatic relations:
Cinetica Head diplomatic

Spanish Public Channel
Temple bar

English Public Channel
CRUZA's English Half
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