Corporation details - Babel Fish Inc. Reloaded [BF.42]
Alliance: Requiem Eternal CEO: Blue Sparrow Evans
Kills: 4 HQ:
Losses: 0 Members: 49
ISK destroyed: 0.26B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
Babel Fish is curently recruiting all types of players.

Visit for more details.

Blue Sparrow Evans Blue Sparrow Evans CEO / Chairman of the Board
Tisrok Triforce Director / Board Member
Justine Martel Director / Board Member

Corp Managers
Setzzr Ambraelle
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
Logistics Frigate
Ivy League
Tenerifis, QRBN-M (0.0)
I: 42
Tactical Destroyer
Ivy League
Impass, 6E-MOW (0.0)
I: 1
Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor
Deployable Structure
Impass, Z-N9IP (0.0)
I: 26
Assault Frigate
Ivy League
Impass, GZ1-A1 (0.0)
I: 6
10 Most recent losses

No data.


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