Kill details
Involved parties: 2
Zana Fehrnah
EVE University
Ivy League
Astero (Frigate)
Warrior II
Damage done: 516 (57.65%)
Xivik Skord
EVE University
Ivy League
Manticore (Covert Ops)
Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Damage done: 379 (42.35%)

500 Letters left
Sourced from API with CCP ID: 69392157 on 2018-04-16 05:17:54
Victim: Jegster Eoner
Corp: Legion of Anubis
Alliance: None
Ship: Probe (Frigate)
Location: J211936 (0.0)
Date: 2018-04-16 05:13:11
   Location in System: 2.9 AU from J211936 - Star
   ISK Loss at time of kill: 12,512,500
   Total Damage Taken: 895
Expanded Probe Launcher I
1MN Afterburner I
Data Analyzer I
Relic Analyzer I
Overdrive Injector System I
Overdrive Injector System I
Kill verified
Ship details
High Slot High Slot Current Value
Expanded Probe Launcher I Expanded Probe Launcher I 1 13.20 K
Medium Slot Medium Slot Current Value
Relic Analyzer I Relic Analyzer I 1 39.40 K
Data Analyzer I Data Analyzer I 1 38.29 K
1MN Afterburner I 1MN Afterburner I 1 9.54 K
Low Slot Low Slot Current Value
Overdrive Injector System I Overdrive Injector System I 2 14.50 K
Cargo Cargo Current Value
Power Circuit Power Circuit 1 465.10 K
Micro Circuit Micro Circuit 4 26.82 K
Alloyed Tritanium Bar Alloyed Tritanium Bar 46 355.03 K
Thruster Console Thruster Console 39 1.06 M
Contaminated Nanite Compound Contaminated Nanite Compound 38 4.11 M
Carbon Carbon 9 3.08 K
Datacore - Gallentean Starship Engineering Datacore - Gallentean Starship Engineering 11 1.04 M
Internal Bulkhead Internal Bulkhead 13 5.27 K
Combat Scanner Probe I Combat Scanner Probe I 6 109.71 K
Charred Micro Circuit Charred Micro Circuit 140 118.02 K
Augmentation Decryptor Augmentation Decryptor 1 1.46 M
Heat Depressor Heat Depressor 54 10.96 K
Core Scanner Probe I Core Scanner Probe I 2 9.39 K
Process Decryptor Process Decryptor 1 550.97 K
Current Amplifier Current Amplifier 47 64.30 K
Spatial Attunement Unit Spatial Attunement Unit 7 118.70 K
Interface Circuit Interface Circuit 2 43.59 K
Fried Interface Circuit Fried Interface Circuit 61 173.42 K
Armor Plates Armor Plates 26 850.04 K
Combat Scanner Probe I Combat Scanner Probe I 2 36.57 K
Damaged Artificial Neural Network Damaged Artificial Neural Network 26 56.32 K
Artificial Neural Network Artificial Neural Network 14 53.68 K
Second-hand Parts Second-hand Parts 50 3.70 K
Defective Current Pump Defective Current Pump 16 300.48 K
Tripped Power Circuit Tripped Power Circuit 85 528.19 K
Core Scanner Probe I Core Scanner Probe I 38 178.37 K
Burned Logic Circuit Burned Logic Circuit 16 483.94 K
Impetus Console Impetus Console 9 11.94 M
Total Module Loss:
Total Module Drop:
Ship Loss:
Total Loss at current prices: 24,662,319.00
API Verification
Top Damage Dealer
Final Blow

EVE University by Vecati