PO3. Boris Doolaley
Pilot Details
Petty Officer Thrird Class
Corporation: EVE University
Alliance: Ivy League
Kills: 10
Real kills: 9
Losses: 40
Damage done (ISK): 4.79B
Damage received (ISK): 3.19B
Enemy survival: 81.63% - Something wrong with your warp disruptor?
Pilot Efficiency (ISK): 60.02% - Survival of the fittest.
Medal Box
Petty Officer Thrird Class
Petty Officer Thrird Class
Abbreviation: PO3.
Base RP Bonus RP Malus RP Total RP
57 0 0 57
PO3. Progression PO2.

Kill points
Loss points
Total points

EVE University by Vecati